About | 余



I am currently at Room 710 of Warren Weaver Hall, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York.

I can be reached via [my last name]@[my first name].me.

Alternatively, write to [my first name].[my last name]@nyu.edu.

My phone number is +1 (217) 377-uv, where u and v are the solutions to the equation x2-181x+8190=0, with u>v.

Here’s the link to my personal Zoom meeting room.


Something for my love, and something for my life.

“From the moment I was born, I have never said anything I did not mean.”

Website last updated on 11 Sep 2022.

Research | 索


My research interests lie in probability theory and mathematical physics, spin systems in particular.

I am also interested in cat™ theory.

See here for more information.

Spin systems

  • Currently, I am interested in the Manhattan pinball problem.

  • From 2020–2021, I gave an geometric interpretation of the collective dynamics for magnetic solitons with Oleg Tchernyshyov.

Cat™ theory

I study a special cat™, MuonCamus, by observing how she interacts with rest of the world. By the Yoneda lemma, this gives a fully faithful representation of Muon.

Curriculum Vitae | 历



  • Ph.D. student in Mathematics

    New York University & New York University Shanghai

    Advisor: Wei Wu

    Aug. 2021 – current

  • B.S. in Physics and B.S. LAS in Mathematics

    University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign

    Aug. 2017 – May. 2021



For Binary Beings

  • Python - advanced
  • [most modern OOP languages] - familiar

For Non-Binary Beings

  • Chinese (Mandarin) - native
  • English - advanced
  • French - « Je ne parle pas Français! »